CITAVERDE Bedrijfsopleidingen

CITAVERDE Bedrijfsopleidingen is an agricultural training center in the South of the Netherlands, Province of Limburg. It's a training center that offers all levels of adult vocational education programmes (TVET) and has the objective to build the capacity of mid-career professionals of private companies, governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, other stake-holders and students in horticulture and livestock production.

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Pre-vocational education (VMBO) is intended for secondary school students (age 12 – 16) who have completed their primary education.


A VMBO course lasts four years. A student at CITAVERDE College has the choice between four different courses of study:

  • Pre-Vocational Basic Programme
  • Pre-Vocational Middle Management Programme
  • Combined Programme
  • Theoretical Programme

In the first two years of a VMBO course, students follow basic curriculum, i.e. a more general education. In the last two years, students receive additional vocational orientation within a particular sector. Theory and practice are closely linked.

Green VMBO

CITAVERDE College green VMBO offers multifaceted education in familiar surroundings with plants and animals. The wide range of subjects allows students to move on to secondary vocational education (VET) with
ease. Students learn by enjoyable practical assignments. Practice is the key we aim for. The green VMBO educates students for various future career possibilities.

Citaverde College main VMBO-subjects are:

  • Animal Care 
    Love animals? That’s good, because we house many different sorts of animals at our VMBO schools. By learning about these animals, through feeding and looking after them, pupils animal knowledge is vastly improved.
  • Green economy 
    Knowledge of the economy is important. Therefore economics features highly in many of the projects at our school.
  • Green technology 
    Technology is all around us. Therefore we teach our pupils about the use and maintenance of everyday items, also new technology such as 3D-printers. In addition to this they learn about wind energy, solar energy and the power consumption of a given building.
  • Environment and recreation
    Pupils learn about gardening, parks and recreational areas.
  • Design and production
    The creative types can develop their talents during a variety of lessons. They can let their imagination run wild!
  • Plant and production
    On the school property there is a greenhouse where flowers, plants and vegetables can be cultivated. As a result of lessons pupils become aware of what it entails to become a grower/producer of these products.
  • Health and nutrition
    The focus is on healthy eating. Pupils learn about food sources and production.

Secondary vocational: CITAVERDE COLLEGE MBO

After completing VMBO at the age of around sixteen, students can go on to secondary vocational education. CITAVERDE College offers green MBO courses in two 2 courses of study at 3 levels. We offer MBO studies in different categories. Each category offers attractive career prospects or options for further education, personal development and social success.

Courses of study

There are two different courses of study: fulltime vocational training / school-based education (BOL) and apprenticeship training / work-based education (BBL). BOL entails students attending school four days a week, and following a work placement one day a week. BBL, on the other hand, entails students working four days a week, and attending school one day a week.

Levels according to the european qualification framework

The qualification structure for VET comprises four levels of training:

  • MBO Level 2 (2 years)
    Basic vocational education at the level of junior craftsman prepares students to perform operational tasks at a slightly higher level. The diploma awarded at this level is equivalent to a basic qualification, which is the minimum that everyone should have.
  • MBO Level 3 (3 years)
    Holders of a professional training diploma at the level of a self-reliant craftsman are able to carry out tasks completely independently. They must also be able to account for their actions to colleagues and monitor and supervise the application of standard procedures by others.
  • MBO Level 4 (3 years)
    Middle management or specialist training at the level of executive / foreman prepares students to carry out tasks completely independently, combined with the ability to perform a broad range of tasks or specialize in a particular world. Students must also demonstrate that they possess nonjob-specific skills, such as tactical and strategic thinking, and can expect to take up posts in which they have hierarchical, formal and organisational responsibilities.

CITAVERDE College main disciplines MBO:

  • Crop production
  • Livestock production
  • Food technology
  • Floristry and garden centre and nursery
  • Urban environmental management
  • Animal care and veterinary assistance
  • Horse industry and equestrian sports
  • Management of natural environment
  • Sports and recreation

You can find all disciplines at MBO - Opleidingen (in Dutch). 

More than professional knowledge levels

Achieving a diploma is more than knowing and doing. CITAVERDE College education leads to the development of qualities which will develop entrepreneurial professionals, which is desirable in all professions and fields.
CITAVERDE College students who come on the job market stand out due to their behaviour and attitude. They work well with others and have strong communication skills. They also understand business issues such as sustainability, innovative techniques and entrepreneurship. We call that the ‘CITAVERDE DNA’. 

During the course at CITAVERDE College students will develop talents, learn through doing and by choosing their own path. We are very practical learning orientated and work jointly with (Glass) horticultural companies, water
boards, holiday park managers, florists, farmers, gardeners and garden centres. We work closely with companies in the sector that are located close to our school locations.

Excellence at all levels!

The teaching staff at CITAVERDE College endeavour to get the best out of students. Excellence is found in all year groups and at all levels. For ‘Top Talent’ students, we offer additional courses. We also encourage as many students as possible to participate in professional competitions and the school stimulates International internships or student exchange programs.

Close cooperation with companies

In the green sector, innovative technologies play an important role in many work processes. A school does not have the latest state- of-the-art technology but companies do , so we introduce students to the most innovative processes and techniques at a variety of companies. To facilitate this, CITAVERDE has established partnerships, under the name of AgroLeeft. We work closely with businesses to allow our courses to take place in a practical setting.
We also work with other educational institutions (such as HAS, Van Hal Larenstein and Wageningen University) to give our students the opportunity to work together with HBO and WO students to accelerate and expand their knowledge.

Customised to suit the region

Many courses offered by CITAVERDE have been adapted to fit regional demands.

Going abroad

At CITAVERDE College you also get the opportunity to spend an internship abroad or participate in an exchange program with another school abroad. Students learn a foreign language but also independence and social skills. In every
country, professions are executed differently, so students are well aware of cultural and professional differences after this internship. Whether students enter the workforce or continue studying, a foreign internship is a positive addition to their diploma and CV.

Go to to watch a video with the experiences of our students. They talk about what they have learned during their internship abroad.

CITAVERDE College is a member of EUROPEA International. CITAVERDE College is open to all kinds of international activities, as long as they reflect the best interests of society, associated branch organisations and students, and also of the co-workers of institutes with which CITAVERDE College cooperates.


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