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The agro & food industry, one of the strongest economic sectors in the Netherlands, is vital to the Dutch economy.

Internationally, the industry is highly competitive and a global leader in terms of volume and innovations. Dutch agriculture is considered a leader in efficient and sustainable food production systems. The Dutch knowledge infrastructure in agriculture and food education is among the best in the world. In the Netherlands, we have a very strong education and training system that forms the backbone of livestock and agricultural production.

Export of knowledge

Yuverta lifelong learning offers TVET (Technical Vocational Education Training) programmes in development projects, train the trainer courses and blended learning projects. Training is customised to the individual requirements of the client and its context.

The programme and training location take into account the real business context. Yuverta lifelong learning supports the development of individual professionals and corporate organisations. Before the start of the course, participants can prepare by taking e-learning modules in the country of origin.

  • Orientation TVET courses in horticulture and livestock production;
  • Specialized TVET courses in horticulture and livestock production;
  • Train the trainer programme (TOT);
  • International project support;
  • Online learning tools;
  • Study tours and excursions.
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Cor Wijnands bij Woreta Atvet College
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Yuverta is known in Europe as the leading provider of education in the green-blue sector. We have a proven track record and are a reliable partner. At European level, educational studies work together with partner schools and industry on innovations in education. We actively learn, develop and share (new) knowledge and skills in Europe. We have structural mobility and an international level visible in all our education: full-time vocational education, pre-vocational education, adult vocational education and apprenticeship training, in all years and courses.

Everyone should have the opportunity to experience other cultures, talents and skills in foreign countries. Yuverta supports the development of students and employees by enabling them to participate abroad. Currently, about 700 students (7%) and 100 employees explore European countries with Erasmus+.

For companies we offer the possibility of job shadowing where employees can experience how work is organized at companies in other countries and what knowledge, competences and skills are required.

Programs and projects

Yuverta aims to link participation in programmes and projects to its Hotspots where we focus on Urban Green, Cultivation, Water, Livestock and Nature & Forests. Yuverta’s participation in international programmes and projects serves more than one purpose:

  • We aim to accelerate clients’ business by contributing our knowledge;
  • We intend to accelerate our own innovation by using the knowledge of partners in our teaching;
  • We intend to accelerate partners’ innovation by bringing our knowledge into their education and regions;
  • We aim to use participation to professionalise our own staff with international and intercultural competences.

We are working on several projects, for instance:

  • For Erasmus+, the European Platform Urban Greening programme and the Platform of Vocational Excellence (PoVE) Water programme;
  • For Interreg, the SKILLS for You programme and EMR Wine programme;
  • For the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, participation in PIB (Partners for International Business) for Sri Lanka, India, Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria;
  • For Nuffic, projects in Burundi, Mozambique, Benin and Ethiopia.

With individual partners, companies, educational organisations or associates, we want to define our future cooperation in projects through an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding).

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Internationale delegatie bij Yuverta park

European Platform for Urban Greening

The European Platform of Urban Greening aims to increase the knowledge and skills required to address climate adaptation, biodiversity and well-being in the urban, green living environment and to broaden the expertise among professionals in Europe.

The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. Together with partners from Denmark, Finland, Romania, Spain and the Czech Republic, Yuverta builds an international network with diverse educational institutions that work together with companies and governments to align the academic program to the regional needs in Europe.

The participants in the Netherlands are: Koninklijke Ginkel Groep, the Dutch trade association for green professionals (VHG), the public-private partnership network Katapult and Yuverta. In the other countries, comparable partners represent green educational services, government and industry. The overarching project partner is the European trade association for green professionals ELCA. Read more on:

International education

That the world isΒ changing fast, is an understatement. Especially for the green sector, the consequences for the professional field, innovation and education are major and are expected to continue to increase. The changes in the green world have consequences for companies that operate in it and thus the education that supports professions. The transition challenges and the European agenda reinforce the need for adjustments in training.


We are always interested in exploring new opportunities for cooperation within the subjects of sustainable development and green-blue vocational education. Please contact us with any questions at:

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