Yuverta is located in The Netherlands. With more than 55 locations we are represented in the provinces North Holland, South Holland, Gelderland, North Brabant and Limburg. With more than 29,000 students and a network of more than 5,000 companies, Yuverta is the leading provider of green-blue vocational education and training in Europe at EQF-levels 1-4.

Lifelong learning

At Yuverta, we support the further development of expertise of professionals in the agricultural and environmental sector. As an educational partner for lifelong learning, we offer a growing number of customized vocational training and courses.

Take for example the course Urban Green Development, where masterclasses can be attended as single classes. In the masterclasses, all aspects that are important for a liveable city are adressed. We deal with themes such as biodiversity, the living building, climate adaptation and the social value of greenery in this program.


Urban Green Development | Masterclass Biodiversity/ecological greening
Urban Green Development | Masterclass Well-being: social values of green
Urban Green Development | Masterclass Climate Adaptation
Urban Green Development | Masterclass Green buildings


The Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality provided a program in week 35 of 2022 for a delegation of 'High influentials' from Romania from the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Education, education directors, and support staff. On Monday afternoon, this delegation visited Yuverta. As part of intensifying green education between the two countries. Florentina Nanu on behalf of AgriEdu CEX and Annemarie Moons on behalf of Green Pact formally signed the Memory of Understanding between the two countries.

In week 35 Romania was in the Netherlands, in week 36 several members of Groenpact are in Romania. On behalf of Yuverta, Claudia Chi (director llo), Sijtske Ouderkerken (manager Groene Hotspot Houten), and Diana Culescu, from the European Platform for Urban Greening, together with partners from Green Education in the Netherlands, are part of a Roadshow through much of Romania. In the five-day program, they will visit all Green Universities of Romania, to which other green secondary and higher vocational education, as well as business and local authorities from the region, have also been invited. Cooperation, exchange, and development are explored for all green sectors.



We are always interested in exploring new opportunities for cooperation within the subjects of sustainable development and green-blue vocational education. Please contact us with any questions at internationaloffice@yuverta.nl


Please note: we try to respond as soon as possible. During the holidays it may be difficult to contact Yuverta and its international office. Holidays in the Netherlands may differ from holidays in your country.



The European Platform of Urban Greening (EPLUG) aims to increase the knowledge and skills required to address climate adaptation, biodiversity and well-being in the urban, green living environment and to broaden the expertise among professionals in Europe.

The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. Together with partners from Denmark, Finland, Romania, Spain and the Czech Republic, Yuverta builds an international network with diverse educational institutions that work together with companies and governments to align the academic program to the regional needs in Europe. You can find more information on the website of EPLUG.

From particulates to green roofs

The focus, expertise, and climate zones differ per region. By joining forces and sharing good practices between the various regions, we can learn from green methods elsewhere. Good examples are green roofs and roof gardens and the use of specific trees and shrubs to capture particulate matter. You can also think of edible parks and green solutions for heavy rainfall or droughts.


The EPLUG participants in the Netherlands are: Koninklijke Ginkel Groep, de Dutch trade association for green professionals (VHG), the public-private partnership network Katapult and Yuverta. In the other countries, comparable partners represent green educational services, government and industry. The overarching project partner is the European trade association for green professionals ELCA. Read more on: www.platformurbangreening.eu .